Rebecca is awesome!! I have been seeing her for over 7 years and I love her! Something I really like about her practice is that she uses several holistic modalities – so regardless of what issue I come in with, I always leave her office feeling great…physically, mentally and emotionally. Rebecca is empathic, compassionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, dedicated, fun and funny. She brings all of that energy into her practice.


No matter what weird, crazy-ass shit I come to her with, she always makes it all better.

World Traveler

I have been seeing Rebecca for a myriad of concerns over the past 2 years. She has provided a safe and relaxing space for me to share my health conditions and make significant progress toward healing. I initially started working with her because I was feeling overly stressed and had some muscular-skeletal concerns. She continues to work with me on those symptoms and in my time with her I have felt incredible relief with regards to stress. She helps me to feel lighter and my treatments with Rebecca alleviate my response to stress. I have also been struggling with hormonal concerns and much of our work together focuses on those issues. Since shifting our focus to my hormone health my menstrual cycle has regulated after amenorrhea, abnormal bleeding and excruciating pain.  I love that Rebecca takes a variety of approaches when treating ailments—she has integrated Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and cupping. She also provides insight and tools I can use between our sessions to encourage me to take an active stance in my health. Rebecca is a wealth of knowledge and I learn more about my health and my spirit through my work with her. The best thing I do for my health is continue with regular appointments with Rebecca, 2—3 times monthly. I have referred three friends and my husband to Rebecca all for different health concerns and they all love her and feel they make progress through their work with her.


I have known Rebecca Tabatzky for at least 20 years, both professionally and personally.  I have watched her grow from a wonderful massage therapist into an accomplished acupuncturist and health care provider. 

She is a compassionate, professional practitioner and a wonderful bright spirit on planet earth that we could use more of. Rebecca is very intuitive in her approach, almost seeming to know what you need of her before she asks. 

I’m impressed with the fact that she is constantly learning new modalities, and wants to be the best she can be for her patients, her family and the healing community at large. I could not recommend a better therapist, she is a shining star, and you won’t be disappointed with your treatment. I give her 5+ out of 5 stars. She’s a terrific practitioner, and a special person.


Rebecca is a compassionate, knowledge therapist who utilizes a multitude of holistic practices.  I have been coming to see her for a number of years and I have referred several other people to her as well.  Rebecca has a positive, energetic, healing presence.  I feel very comfortable talking to her about any health concern that I have.  An added bonus, she accepts my health insurance.   

Over the years I have come in for several things….stress, trouble sleeping, hormone imbalance, fibroids, thyroid issues, neck and shoulder stiffness, lower back and hip pain, and job related hearing loss.  I always leave feeling wonderful, centered and happy.  I am also a big fan of the fire cupping.   

I have tried several holistic healers over the years and I can tell you without a doubt, Rebecca is the best I have found.  I highly recommend her.