We must harmonize and relate high and low. Virtue must seep below and flow. Little children must be without grief. We must transmit this to future generations without there being a limit to time.  

  • Ling Shu The Spiritual Pivot Scroll Six   

(Ch. 29 Teaching and Transmitting)

I move qi. I practice Chinese Medicine.  

More importantly, I help you move your qi. I assist in energy transformation.  

In a session, I weave several treatment modalities into a theoretical Chinese Medicine framework.  

Treatment specialties include neurological conditions, orthopedics, women’s health, Spinal Cord Injury/SCI, paralysis, stroke and pain conditions and stress management. 

I offer a truly personalized treatment experience. I integrate acupuncture, myofascial, energy and herbal medicine therapies with a focus on efficacy and comfort.